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Everything Great About Horror Movies – What to Watch

Everything Great About Horror Movies – What to Watch

For centuries man has been living in the fear of the unknown, from plain denial to creating false theories the evolution of horror anecdotes has come a long way. Horror movies are the only genre of movies that make you want to close your eyes while watching a movie you have already paid for. Films that are solely horror have the perfect blend of supernatural, gore and monsters, mixed with insanity and topped with jump scares. Horror movies are to die for! That is – if you are brave enough to watch them. Horror movies have been the film of choice for many years and have provided Hollywood with countless dollars. The industry for horror movies is burgeoning now more than ever as new plot stories surface.

Although all horror movies are equally exciting, the ones based on “True Events” just somehow manage to leave the audience in sheer awe. Let’s not forget, horror movies follow a plot line that is so engaging and drastic that the viewers just can’t help but hold on to their breaths. Such films work wonders for the box office and for the viewers, as they forget about their daily worries and get consumed by the horrid movie scenes. Despite appearances, horror movies are a great way to relax. They take you away from your banal lives into a world of gore and bloodshed that you have to fight to survive in. Basically, the expose you to a scenario that makes your life look like it's heaven on earth.

But that’s not just it! Horror movies work like magic as they get your adrenaline pumping. They add a feeling of excitement into your lives and make you want to get up and run – quite literally. These gore filled movies have a delicious mixture of suspense and thrill that will make you wonder what will happen next. Additionally, horror movies have one hidden gem we all follow but never admit to. They train us in our times of need, what will we do when we are followed by a demon from hell or an undying zombie, sprinkle some salt or find holy water? What to do? Only one way to find out – watch a horror movie!
Horror movies are great for kicks! Especially if you watch them at night with the lights off. While some brave soldiers proclaim themselves to be the most dauntless of souls, there is always that one annoying jump scare moment that happens to get the best of us. These dangers filled films are a roller-coaster ride from the end to the finish, even when the demon/monster/ghoul/evildoer/zombie dies in the end, it just doesn’t die. There is always that one mistake at the end that turns the entire story sideways and gets everybody killed with a surprising turn of events and if not – there is always a part two on its way!

Some horror movies come in parts where the antagonist just refuses to go down easily. And let’s not forget the soundtracks that accentuate the feels up to a hundred folds! Horror movies are a great way to get your weekly, if not daily, a dosage of thrill. Following are some of the top recommended horror movies that you just can’t help to stay away from!

1. A Cure for Wellness

Dane DeHaan stars in an amazingly shot thriller as a patient at a spa secluded in the Swiss Alps. Released on February 17, follows a plot which is basically a horror-mystery about a water-based therapy center with diabolical and mischievous intentions. A tale of an isolated sanitarium filled with grim, juicy, creepy, horrid and gruesome goodness.

2. It Comes at Night
Released on June 9th, starred by Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, Kelvin Harrison Jr. is a slow-burn horror story. A tale of one family's isolated post-apocalyptic survival filled with thrill and horror.

3.  IT
“IT” is finally here, the long-awaited adaptation of Stephen King’s book is finally available in the theaters for everybody to see! The story follows a group of young children who fight an ancient evil that lurks around, feeding upon the children in their sleepy old town.

4. The Lure
A film that follows a Man-eating mermaid strippers running amok, filled with excitement & terror.

5. The Devil's Candy

A name enough to convince viewers to watch it. The Devil's Candy a haunted-house story, that is enriched with horror and suspense. 

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