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Gladius Underwater Photography & Exploration Drone

Gladius Underwater Photography & Exploration Drone
Whenever a term drone is considered it is absolutely understood that they come under the broad category of unmanned aerial vehicles normally known as UAVs but this underwater drone has broadened the definition of a drone. Now drones are not limited to the gadgets which can take a flight but they also can take a dive; A dive which can be 100 meters deep. So, here is good news for the scuba divers, people who cover the beauty of marine life, commercial divers, trainers or oceanographer; this device has been engineered in such a way that it contains viable features for all the underwater geeks.
Gladius is a tremendous all in one package it has the complete list high-throughput technologies knitted so beautifully inside it; all of these come inside a hard-shell travel case. It may strike as a device for a high professional which it is, predominantly, but it is also a device for pleasure seekers; it entertains all the photography and social media enthusiasts out there. Having Gladus can be a privilege because you will not spend forever to learn how to use it; all this because of the user-friendly and flexible user interface it has. Gladius has
·         Ultra high definition Photo/video 
·         Live streaming feature
·         Smart imagery system
·         A smartphone controller
·         An iOS/ Android app
·         Quad thruster system
·         Omnidirectional movement
·         Neutral buoyancy
·         LED Lights
·         Long Range Wi-Fi buoy
·         Semi-Tether connection
·         3-hour battery life
Piloting this device is so easy to pilot because of a bunch of reasons; it can be the responsive gaming controller it has or the choice of using the smartphone. To start you have to insert your phone in the remote control. This is a real-time gaming system where you are actually  controlling something; move glaudius with the two joysticks in the controller, the amount of navigation control you can have with Gladius cannot be overemphasized. One joystick controls the forward and backward movement and the other controls the directional movements yes just like most games and the major plus is that the user does not have to learn anything new.  The smartphone will rest in the middle and will display all the visual details of the drone, this is how the user will be able to watch, capture or study his exploration. With the presence of 4 thrusters, Glaudius has the most precise navigation trait. The quad- thruster system allows Glaudius to fall and rise,  move left and right, move forward and backward and roll.

This intelligent drone allows the user to explore the beautiful depths of maritime life with high-quality imagery. Now, there is no need of a diver to conduct rescue operations or inspection of the boats and pools; all these labor-intensive tasks can be done so easily with exposing a human life to any risk. Gladius has the camera of 1080p resolution or commonly or 4k camera which makes the topnotch photography possible. Gladius has a rich stabilizing mechanism which is also the most important factor when professional photography or video-making is considered. It is also equipped with image quality optimization tools and sensors which can detect low light. These all features assure the high-quality picture or video without any distortion.

Another exceptional feature the users can enjoy is the liberty of saving the videos and pictures on your phone directly. It can save people from all the hassle of importing files from the camera to the computer and then transferring them to the cellular phones. Through this feature, you can instantly share your posts on social media or with your friends and family. Another important feature which is the extension of the latter is that users can easily live stream the underwater journey they are experiencing on the social networks; this feature of Gladius can be really tempting for v-loggers and certain bloggers, it can bring sprightliness to their channel and has a potential of attracting more followers. All the images you take on Gladius can be stored in a 64 GB SD card which comes with the advanced package and again it is saving you from all the storage issues most phones have.
Gladius is indeed an intelligently designed submarine. It has neutral buoyancy feature which implies that the body of drone and the water has the same density in which it is submerged. Due  to this feature the drone does not float or sink but it maintains its position smartly. This neutral buoyancy feature is complemented with PID software algorithm which also maintains drones stability during the shoot.  Another important part of this device is the tether which connects to a towable buoy; the buoy which connects wirelessly to the cellular phone and remote control through a long-range Wi-Fi communication system. 

When portability is considered Gladius again tries to make things easy for the user as it can fit anywhere but as it comes with a hardshell case it should be packed in the carrying case for traveling. The hard shell case takes care of all other things which come with Gladius such as the tether, buoy or the controller.

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