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Smart Technology For Smart Chefs

Smart Technology For Smart Chefs
The digital world has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to education. Every profession has been reaping the benefits of digital technology, automation, and big data. One profession that is often overlooked but can truly benefit from technology is culinary and cooking professions. Chefs can really revolutionize their lives by embracing these new advances, turn their kitchens greener and play an active role in moving forward with technology.
Why embracing technology is important for the new age chef
Information is power, it is one thing that can benefit almost any profession and culinary business is no exception. Food is one of the necessities of a human being, a business that can almost never run out. By making this commodity accessible to the general population, chefs have a vital responsibility of producing nutritious as well as delicious innovations for their customers. As the world population increases, the stress looming over senior chef builds up and by embracing these technological advances they can really lend themselves a hand.
The new age public needs food fast and available quickly. Most of the time, in order to overcome the restriction of time, this public may turn to fast food outlets which are nutritiously scarce and produce a harmful impact on the environment. By utilizing the technological advances as these high volume food outlets do, senior chefs can really do a wonderful service to the public by improving their health status, promoting fine taste and overcoming the limiting factor of time. So here are a few clever ways chefs can introduce technological advances into their kitchens and enjoy their benefits.
One note for smart chefs:
Microsoft OneNote can have a number of benefits for qualified and senior chefs. Not only does it provide a unique platform to write down notes and make the list, you can convert the handwritten notes into your own personal recipe collection!
OneNote can work on a number of operating systems and hence can become especially useful for chefs. From sharing recipes do keeping track of your creative streaks, it’s the perfect sidekick for your cooking business.
Moreover, if you need long lists and checks of what to get from the supermarket, then this app can make life a whole lot easier for you. Instead of wasting time and resources on pen and paper, you can use OneNote to make a list of all the things to get on your tablet. Moreover, anytime you remember something you can update the list and anytime you want to get rid of an ingredient you can just cross it off the list, it’s that easy!
Moreover, with OneNote, sharing information with your fellow chefs can become very easy. The application is free so sharing will not burden your finances in any way. The application is very easy to operate and maneuver around and many tutorials are present to help you get a head start. Your information is always backed up on the OneNote server so your creative streak does not get lost, saving you the trouble of backing up your recipes manually.
Whatsapp? What’s up with that?
Did you know certain apps can really help smooth out your business? Whatsapp is one of those apps that can help you connect with your workers and groups easily through WiFi or the internet. Instead of asking your waiters to run back and forth with orders (frankly half of them mess it up because they forget it on the way back), you can coordinate directly from tables to the kitchen through this wonderful app.
In order to move a step further, you can even introduce smart tablets in tables so the customers can directly order the food from their tables. This not only cuts down the need of menu cards, which are easily worn out and need to be printed again but help you cut down human resources if you are running low on cash. These innovations are a once only investment so they save you from the monthly expenditure. 
Another way interactive apps can help your culinary business is by promoting an interactive and learning environment. It gives your junior chefs a platform to interact, share ideas, voice complaints as well as come up with creative recipes. For example, unique ways you can introduce new recipes is by discussing them in Whatsapp chats and get an input from the workers. This will not only improve your creative skills but also make their learners feel like their ideas and suggestions are valued and important.
Apps and technology for senior chefs
Most senior chefs do not realize how easy their life will become once they digitalize data. From customer details, worker payments, invoices to supplier details, all of it can easily be documented in smart computers. It not only acts as a reliable storage base but also cuts down the need for paper and other resources, thereby making your company environmentally friendly.
Moreover, Apps like Whatsapp and OneNote can help you contact and interact with your peers and fellow chefs easily. You can keep everyone updated about the business and special events with photos, notes, and explanation. If you require a staff member on the last minute shift, these apps are a great way to keep in touch and interacting with them on a short notice. You can also verify whether the messages have been received by the staff member as applications like Whatsapp provide verification ticks.
Another way technology can help you learn and improve your life is by scanning receipts and storing them on the server. This greatly reduces management stress on head chefs who can then focus on what he/she does best, cooking! With these technologies, you can become successful in a very competing world.
The verdict
The verdict is pretty clear; technology can go a long way to help senior chefs in culinary businesses. From making smarter choices, becoming more interactive with customers and junior chefs and relying on computerized data and details, chefs can introduce technology in nearly every area of their lives. This will not only help them grow but will aid in connecting them with the people they feed on a daily basis. It will help them focus more on their culinary skills than worrying about storing and keeping track of recipes and other details giving them the competitive edge that will help them succeed in a market environment. It’s time to say hello to technology! 

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