Friday, 29 September 2017

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends You Need to Take Seriously

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends You Need to Take Seriously

Digitalization is penetrating every aspect of our lives, but more than changing how we drive to work or make a cup of coffee, digitalization is having a profound impact on businesses worldwide. New digital trends emerge and businesses and even startups that incorporate and follow these trends soar while huge organizations that have existed for decades suffer loss as a result of not keeping up with the times. Here are a few of the top digital trends we need to start taking seriously for our own good.

1.     Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, the ability of machines to think, learn, and act for themselves is no longer just a concept. Coupled with machine learning, AI is making great headway at a fast rate. Currently, AI enabled machines and robots are taking up low skill requiring jobs. There is more data than ever for these technologies to use to better and themselves and that is exactly what is happening, AI can help make better, smarter, and faster decisions in any field it is used in. It holds great potential and is set to have a significant impact on the future by revolutionizing every industry it is employed in.

2.     Cybersecurity

As computers and the Internet become more and more intertwined within our lives, huge amounts of data spread across numerous systems are being generated. This data is also a requirement for efficient and effective IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Computing. However, since every device connected to the internet can be manipulated, it also makes this data vulnerable. The need for cybersecurity is greater than ever. Cyber attackers are targeting smaller and larger businesses alike. The smaller ones even more so as they pose easier targets. Individuals are not safe as well. Hackers often infiltrate an organization through its employees. There is a need for effective implementation for all businesses and organizations small or large, as well as awareness training for individuals.
3.     Remote Workforce
The newer and younger workforce making its way into the market isn’t lacking in skills or abilities. In fact, millennials are more creative and productive when utilized properly. They prefer their comfort to monetary compensation and prefer working remotely from homes, cafes, or even the beach while choosing flexible work hours. Advancements in telecommute capabilities have minimized the limitations of working remotely. For employers, it means being able to hire from anywhere in the world at affordable costs.

4.     Move to Cloud

Instead of having a full-grown and fully functioning IT infrastructure that responds to changes and requirements quickly, and effectively, businesses are opting for cloud solutions instead. Its numerous benefits have made it popular with even the largest organizations of the world. Cloud computing not only caters to all the needs of an organization but takes the responsibility for maintenance and updates off of your hands as well. Its flexibility, affordability, and unlimited functionality have made it a cornerstone of a vast number of businesses, organizations, and companies worldwide today.

5.     DevOps

The traditional culture of offices that consists of departments and silos are obstructive to development, growth, and productivity. Lack of information sharing between departments leads to an increase in issues and unsolved problems. The DevOps or Developer Operations Culture focuses on the collaboration of all departments of an organization with each other and primarily, the IT department to achieve an optimal running of the IT affairs of a company with minimal problems.

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