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This is the era of innovation. Technology is everywhere. And from the discovery of fire to the current version of mobile smartphones, we have come a long way. New discoveries and inventions are being made at a very fast pace today. Technological advancements are being made and are completely revolutionizing our lifestyle. During the last 20 years, technology has progressed rapidly. From nanotechnology to self-driving cars, improvements are being made in every field. We take a look at some of the innovations occurring that will change our way of doing absolutely anything in the coming years.
1. Automation:
Automation in machines is being used to do absolutely anything that a human can or used to do. It is not a new concept, but it is now being applied in more and more fields everywhere. Robot journalists are also a thing. A robot journalist had its first article of 300 characters published in a Chinese newspaper which took it just one second to write. Robots are also taking over the fast food industry. Workers are being replaced with machines. It improves productivity. Self-driving trucks are also being introduced. Machines are replacing humans everywhere as not only do they improve and speed up production but employers also save on wages, and it frees up workers to take on other and higher level jobs in the running of automated processes.
2. Augmented Reality
Augmented reality superimposes computer-generated images on our view of the world around us. Use of sensors allows us to interact and manipulate the computer environment in real time. Applications are everywhere. In industries AR allows designers not only to visualize but also experience a product’s design before its completion. AR also allows for better navigation in automobiles by displaying information useful to the driver on the windshield of a car like directions, a map, and the weather. Video games are making use of AR to allow users to experience gameplay in the real world environment. An example is Pokémon Go which attracted more than 650 million downloads from users all over the world.

3. Ease of Access
Technology has changed our approach on how to do things. It is making almost everything we require in our day to day life easily accessible with a touch on our smartphones. From calling cabs to ordering food to finding a place to stay the night on your visit to a country, it can all be done from our smartphones. More and more people are turning to online shopping. There is an app available for our phones to get us just about anything right at our doorstep. 

4. 3D Printing
3D printing is becoming more and more popular. A computer uses a 3D printer to form layers of material to create an object. It is being used to print just about anything from smartphone covers to spare parts of machines to your work tools. It has also been used to create organs from the patient’s own cells. This a huge advancement as this means patients will no longer have to wait for organ donations. 3D printing is being used more and more in the automotive industry by major companies like General Motors and the Ford Motor Company.
5. Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is the connecting of physical devices ranging from a toaster to your car or office computer and virtual devices across a network. More and more devices are being made today with Wi-Fi capabilities, and manufacturers are working on achieving interoperability. This will result in all devices in your life both physical and virtual being interconnected and able to be controlled from a single place on a single device. A synchronized and improved lifestyle, therefore, is the future. For example, your car could notify your home air conditioner to turn on and also sending a message to your coffee maker to brew you a cup of coffee or to your oven to warm your food, so it’s all ready before you even get home.

Innovations in technology are occurring at such a fast pace that keeping up with them becomes a little hard. These were just a few of the many major technological advancements occurring today that are and will revolutionize our lifestyle and the world we live in.

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