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Top 5 Movies of 2017

Top 5 Movies of 2017

Top 5 Movies of 2017
As September 2017 reaches its end, it’s about time to decide which movies were truly worth watching this year. Although there are many hidden gems that are yet to come in the remaining time left for this year, yet we have to take time to acknowledge the finest pieces of art Hollywood has served us so far. Movies come and go but enjoying a splendidly crafted masterpiece is something you can only enjoy if you have done your fair share of research. While many movies promise: thrill, action, horror, wonder, ingenuity, romance, flair and even sheer eye-popping madness only some accomplish to live up to their description.
In most cases, movies usually provide you with enough entertainment to keep your cinema ticket from going to a waste. However, there is always that unlucky bunch that you can’t help but go ask for a refund. In times like these, the best and safest option is to follow a rating page. That analyzes the movie while keeping it spoiler free to provide you with all the entertainment minus the fuss. For now, the best movies you should watch over the weekend – if you haven’t already, are as the following. What’s more, is this list is of the finest of the finest Hollywood movies that can you probably watch a dozen times and not get bored! 
'Get Out'
This film is directed by the famous Jordan Peele and falls under the genre of a psychological horror movie. This movie has become a socially conscious phenomenon — as soon as you’ll watch it, you will know why! Get Out brings into perspective a clever and biting mannerism related to racism, culture, and humanity. This movie will get the audience thinking. The main plot of the story is a young African-American man’s weekend in the netherworld when he decides to be with his white girlfriend’s family manor. The script is especially clever in the way it portrays the society. It makes us question how we treat one another at a time when races are the topic of discussion.
 'The Big Sick'
This year has been filled with an amazing head turning comedic film and The Big Sick is no different. The protagonist that stands out is Kumail Nanjiani’s quasi-autobiographical tale about a stand-up comedian who is head-over-heels in love with a young graduate student (the role played by the lovely Zoe Kazan). The story takes a surprising turn as he has to break up with her because of his Pakistani family, but eventually rambles back on track when he realized his real feelings for
her, sadly when she’s in a coma. A very amusing piece of comedy, molded together with romance and heartbreak, a most definite watch!
'A Dark Song'
A dark Song follows a plotline that is filled with supernatural plot twists and pure horror. This movie is a slow-burn story which follows the protagonist woman who decides on renting a Welsh house for the purpose of a black magic ritual. The black magic ritual is designed to summon a guardian angel along with allowing her to speak with her murdered son. But soon enough, everything crazy about this film sets into motion. This British horror movie becomes deeply affecting. The mom struggles with an oddball occultist as she goes through all manner of absurdness as she embarks on her journey. On a mission more of revenge than love, filled with excitement and pure thrill.
 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'
After the first guardian of the Galaxy movie, the second part needs no introduction. With a talking raccoon and a talking tree, this movie is well-famous for its time. The return of Marvel’s cosmic misfit heroes is an amazing, thrill-filled combo of depth and goofiness: the plot follows Star-Lord (played by our favorite Chris Pratt) who meets his real dad (Kurt Russell). Let’s not forget, the group of misfits also need to take care of Baby Groot (Vin Diesel), but it’s space outlaw Yondu (Michael Rooker) who most embraces his mantle as a father figure during a heartfelt redemptive arc.
Hugh Jackman’s grand finale as Wolverine is back with a bang as he just refuses to go down easily, clawing back up for one last hit. Jackman’s character is more brutal than ever as he struggles with his mortality, but the highlight is the relationship with his equally primal little-girl counterpart (played by Dafne Keen). They biker yet love each other. Logan brings out the best in Hollywood’s superhero movies.

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