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Trends In Macro Technology And The Dawn Of Internet Of Things (IoT)

Trends In Macro Technology And The Dawn Of Internet Of Things (IoT)

In this rapidly advancing technological upgradations, Macrotrend is a very unique and attractive concept. As it is a pervasive and persistent shift in the direction of a Global Phenomenon, Macro-Trends with respect to Information Technology accounts for many gigantic technological developments like Cloud Computing, Social Media and the Internet of Things (IoT). All these macro trends are although being considered the revolutionary development towards connecting "Things" to big data analytics to do predictive analytics, and are being predicted to have an impact ranging from a few years to decades but with time and introduction of new technologies in the market they will effectively be replaced with something more advanced. 

These Macro Trends are categorized on the basis of how many years they stay in the market before being replaced. An example of a number of long-lasting notable Macro-Tech Trend developments since 2015 include the Latest iPhone Launches, Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles, Amazon for its Cloud Computing Unit i.e. Amazon Web Services to name a few. Not to mention Facebook is continuously refining and upgrading its interface by introducing the Latest Snap-story features, live video feeds, and other promising areas such as speech recognition and virtual reality etc.
If we talk about some other Macro Trends in Android Gaming Apps, Pokémon GO should be ranked top of the list of briefly prevalent phenomena. The world witnessed the craziest explosion of augmented reality with Pokémon GO mania doubling the Fintech Market revenues for 2016. This Macro Trend although made a huge stir in the technology revenue market but the crazy is short-lived and has a huge potential to be replaced as quickly as it took the boom.
Similarly, the Cable TV and Television Network remain dominant few decades back but now they are being replaced with more advanced and affordable services like Netflix. This Macro-Tech Trend of cord Cutting Revolution and a solid replacement of Satellite subscriptions is progressing way too fast as every year, a significant increase in a number of Netflix Subscriptions are being recorded. Some other affordable options other than Netflix including Amazon Instant Video, & Hulu are investing tremendous capital in producing and providing their own original content to cope up with the Streaming Arms Race. The Television Channels like ESPN, having maximum rights for highly coveted Live Sports Coverage, are unable to hold the viewer subscriptions. 
Apple is another huge example of Macro-Tech Trend, with Steve Jobs Gone, it needs to upgrade its features and launch more advanced iPhones and Accessories to keep the pace with the market. For that purpose, Apple Watch is an innovation towards Wearable accessories have some really attractive features but is facing some adaptability issues due to pricing.   
In terms of technological advancements, the up-to-the-minute technology introduced is “Internet of Things”. The term "the Internet of Things" was invented in 1999, by Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble, later MIT's Auto-ID Center. This is basically an internetworking of Physical Devices, Smart devices or other items implanted with software, sensors, electronic devices or Actuators and network connectivity. What happens is the network connectivity helps all the connected objects to collect or exchange data. It is also described as “Infrastructure of Information Society.” The IOT system enables the direct integration of physical worlds into computer-based systems revolutionizing the whole communication concept by providing an enhanced processing efficiency & accuracy along with the added economic benefits. By the introduction of IOT, along with the reduction of Human Interventions, the sensors and actuators have become a symbol of Cyber-Physical Systems. IOT is expected to run a rough estimation of 50 billion objects by the end of 2020, including smart Grids, Intelligent Transportation, Smart homes and Virtual Power Generation Plants! 
A very interesting application of IoT is in Medical and Healthcare domain. Various devices such as Pace Makers i.e. Heart Monitoring Implants, Prostatic Implants, Biochip Transponders on Farm Animals for their active monitoring are some of the spectacular applications. Other than that the Multi-purpose DNA Analysis devices for monitoring of food or pathogens or field operation devices that assist firefighters in search and rescue operations are also technological milestones achieved by Science.
These IOT devices are designed to collect useful data with the help of various existing software and technologies and then autonomously share the data between other devices. Home automation & appliances such as Washer or Dryers, Air Purifiers, Vacuums, Electric Ovens or Refrigerators/Freezers that use Wi-Fi signals for remote monitoring are also the everyday examples of this IOT technology. 

IOT is a huge step forward towards the high-level automation in almost every field, whether be it Transportation, Infrastructure, Health Care, Home Automation, Manufacturing or Environmental Monitoring! We are looking forward to some amazing huge Technological Expansions of all Times! 

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