Thursday, 5 October 2017

22 people arrested for stirring incitement: Saudi state security official

JEDDAH: The Saudi Presidency of State Security arrested 22 people, including a Qatari citizen and 21 Saudi citizens, after they were found guilty directly or indirectly of the involvement in stirring incitement to commit acts criminalized by law, an official source at the Presidency said.

The competent authority in the Saudi state security service has "monitored a circulated video clips on social media websites that include different topics, which ignite the public interest and stir feelings towards issues that are still in consideration."

The source has also said that these videos include direct and indirect incitement to commit acts against the law and order, or raising issues against the interest of the people and their requirements to prevent its use.

The presidency managed to identify those who posted these videos and arrest them including a Qatari and 21 Saudis. They are currently being investigated for motives and affiliations.

 The measures taken by presidency are based on the Anti-Cyber Crime Law.
According to article 6 of the act, it is punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years and a fine of not more than SAR3 million or one of these penalties for a number of crimes, including the production of anything that violates public order, religious values, morals, the inviolability of private life, or preparation, transmission or storage of it through the internet or a computer.

 The Presidency of State Security, declaring this to warn against the consequences of committing such practices.

At the same time, it affirms that it will not tolerate anyone commits such crimes and will vigorously and resolutely confront those who seek to undermine the security and stability of the country.

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