Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Dubai Police rescue 14-year-old girl from prostitution

The Dubai Police anti-human trafficking teams rescued a 14-year-old Asian girl, who was raped and forced into prostitution for two months. The police teams nabbed another group of girls - all adults - inside the apartment where the victim was found.

Colonel Abdulrahman Al Shaer, director of the human trafficking monitoring center, said that the police were informed about presence of a minor girl in an apartment which was a den of flesh trade. The cops formed teams and swung into action. They swooped down on the building and arrested a Bangladeshi man and woman running the trade.

During police interrogation, the duo said that the girl was brought to Dubai via a GCC country after her uncle in her country issued a forged passport, mentioning her age to be 24. The accused revealed that the uncle was aware that the girl would be pushed into flesh trade.

Al Shaer added that the one of the defendants went and brought the girl from the GCC country. She was confined at a massage centre, where she was raped by the male accused and then forced into prostitution. When the girl put up a stiff resistance, she was assaulted by him.

 After being rescued by the police, the girl was referred to the Dubai Foundation for Children and Women Care. She will be kept there until the trial of the accused ends.

The girl said that she did not receive any money from the defendants, neither was she aware if the accused sent money to her uncle. While revealing her harrowing experience, the girl said she was made to attend to clients several times a day, even though she pleaded with the accused and cried for mercy from them.

Al Shaer said that the girl's case is most glaring and deplorable since she is a minor.

He pointed out that the country's consulate is coordinating with the girl to take legal action against her uncle. He pointed out that the accused will be tried as per the anti-human trafficking laws, as well as the child law, since they have endangered the life of a minor girl and forced her into prostitution.

He pointed out that Dubai Police through its competent departments are communicating with the minor girl and will provide her health as well as psychological care.

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