Sunday, 29 October 2017

Duo accused of attacking Dubai Metro station guard

Bassam Za'za', Legal and Court Correspondent

Dubai: Two men have been accused of hitting a guard with a hammer when he tried to abort their bid to steal bicycles at a Dubai Metro station.

The 25-year-old Indian guard was said to have finished his shift at 8.45pm and while leaving work, he saw several young men trying to steal bicycles locked to the racks at Al Twar’s metro station in August.

Some of the men had already unlocked the bicycles and were ready to ride away, according to records, while one person was hammering a lock in an attempt to release the bicycle.

The guard yelled at the men and asked them what they were doing, before two of them — an Emirati jobless man and a student from Comoros Islands — attacked him.

The two men allegedly attacked the guard with a hammer before the latter ran into the metro station.
Some of the men rode away with the stolen bicycles while the guard’s co-workers intervened and stopped the two men from assaulting the Indian.

Police arrived at the location and apprehended the two men while the remaining suspects, who turned out to be juveniles, were arrested later.

Prosecutors accused the Emirati suspect and his accomplice from Comoros Islands of beating the guard with a hammer and trying to steal bicycles.

The suspects pleaded not guilty when they appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

The Indian guard testified to prosecutors that the suspects were trying to breaking the lock of one of the bicycles.

“Once I walked out, one of them had already unlocked a bicycle while the other was hammering the lock of another bicycle. The suspect who was holding the hammer came towards me and tried to strike me but I dodged the attack. More persons, who had already stolen bicycles, came from the other side wanting to assist the suspects … I ran back into the station. The suspect hurled the hammer at me and it hit my backpack. I managed to restrain one of the suspects and handed him over to my co-worker … then I tried to chase the other person. Police came and apprehended the suspects,” he claimed to prosecutors.

A policeman testified to prosecutors that primary interrogations unveiled the identities of the remaining suspects who turned out to be teenagers.

The teenaged suspects are being tried before the Juveniles Court.

Presiding judge Urfan Omar will hand out a ruling on November 13.

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