Saturday, 14 October 2017

Honeypreet Insan's phone tampered with, cyber experts trying to recover deleted files

The mobile phone handed over by Vipassana Insan to Panchkula police on Friday is an iPhone which has a finger security guard and can only open with Honeypreet's fingerprint.

According to police sources, Honeypreet was asked to unlock the phone four times during her cross-questioning with Vipassana Insan on Friday.

A cyber lab examination of this phone has found that efforts were also made to tamper with the phone. Data is missing both from the phone and its iCloud account.

Police believe that most of the files were deleted from the phone by Honeypreet herself before she finally handed it over to Vipassana Insan on August 26.

When Honeypreet was quizzed about the phone and whether it was tampered with, she said she didn't know about that. As was expected, she feigned ignorance about the missing data from her phone.

Honeypreet's iPhone is currently being examined by cyber lab experts, who are trying hard to recover the data.

Honeypreet has been accused of sharing provocative video clips on social media through her iPhone.


The police also tried to unravel the mystery of 17 SIM cards, which Honeypreet Insan used during her 38 days of disappearance before being finally arrested on October 3.

Cops are investigating whose phone Honeypreet was using while she was absconding if she had handed over her mobile to Vipassana Insan on August 26.

Honeypreet had told the cops that she used WhatsApp to communicate with other Dera functionaries.

 Her accomplice Sukhdeep Kaur told the police that she used to speak to strangers while she was on the run, and ask them to leave them cars behind for her to flee in.

Honeypreet Insan and her accomplice Sukhdeep Kaur were sent to 14-day judicial custody on Friday after their police remand came to an end.

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