Monday, 16 October 2017

Man jailed for biting ear of wife's ex-boss............

A shepherd, charged with physically assaulting his wife's ex-boss and causing him a permanent injury, was sentenced to six months in jail.

The court records show that the Sudanese man, 49, jumped on the back of the victim and bit his left ear, consequently cutting a part of it. He had earlier admitted that he bit the manager's ear.

The court ordered his deportation after completion of his sentence. The incident occurred on May 14 in front of the Dubai Courts and was reported to Al Rafaa police station.

Man bites ear of wife's ex-boss outside Dubai court

The complainant, a Sudanese restaurant owner, said: "I was at the Dubai Courts to follow up on a labour case with a female employee. I spotted the defendant following me closely so I stopped and asked him what he wanted, but he did not respond".

When the complainant took the stairs outside the courts the accused jumped on his back, biting his left ear.

"As I took him away from me, my ear was cut and I saw the missing part in the defendant's mouth. People who happened to be around broke the fight and I was taken to hospital after bleeding a lot. I learned later that this woman employee was the defendant's wife," the complainant told the prosecutor.

A policeman said: "After the incident was reported, we went to the scene and found the victim bleeding while the defendant's clothes were ripped-off. The victim told the accused was following him after the labour case hearing that he had with his wife".

The accused claimed during investigation that he was just trying to protect himself and stop the other man from assaulting him. The forensic report showed the victim now suffers from permanent ear damage because of the attack by the shepherd.

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