Friday, 13 October 2017

Sisters arrested in UAE for using witchcraft to fix relationships

Sisters arrested in UAE for using witchcraft to fix relationships

Seek help from experts and psychiatrists and not sorcerers if you have marital or other problems, the Abu Dhabi Police have urged the public.

The police have launched an awareness programme to educate people and raise awareness about the negative effects of witchcraft and sorcery.

The initiative follows the recent arrest of two Arab sisters who were conning women in rocky relationships into handing them cash, with a promise that they would fix their marital problems using witchcraft. The Arab women claimed that they had special powers that could help.

Brigadier Tariq Khalfan Al Ghoul, deputy director of the criminal investigation department (CID), said police investigations showed the women aged 43 and 67 had been doing this for a while.

They were caught in Abu Dhabi after the CID officers received complaints from various women who had been cheated, according to authorities.

The police also seized materials including talismans used in the witchcraft from the suspects' home.

The victims told the police that the Arab women were charging them Dh34,000 for their 'services'.

Brig Al Ghoul said the force launched the initiative to raise awareness among citizens and residents about the negative effects of witchcraft and how the so called sorcerers are nothing more than frauds. The awareness messages have been run on television, radio and print media, and electronic board screens and social network sites.

"Residents should stay away from all forms of witchcraft and sorcerers as people involved in such cases are fraudsters who cheat people," he said. "People should not be fooled by the so called sorcerers who offer 'treatment' using 'special powers' or any other forms of 'healing spells'."

The police also urged people to come forward and report anyone practising witchcraft or sorcery.

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